Oculi mei

por sofonisbamusic

¿Y quién no posee un fuego, una muerte,

un miedo, algo horrible,

aunque fuere con plumas,

aunque fuere con sonrisas?

Alejandra Pizarnik: Las aventuras perdidas, Exilio, 1958.

 65_Occhio Maurits Cornelis Escher 1946

Maurits Cornelis Escher, Eye (1946)

Tristitia et anxietas occupaverunt interiora mea. Mœstum factum est cor meum in dolore, et contenebrati sunt oculi mei. Væ mihi, quia peccavi.

Sed tu, Domine, qui non derelinquis sperantes in te, consolare et adjuva me propter nomen sanctum tuum, et miserere mei.

Sadness and anxiety have overtaken my inmost being. My heart is made sorrowful in mourning, my eyes are become dim. Woe is me, for I have sinned.

But thou, O Lord, who dost not forsake those whose hope is in thee, comfort and help me for thy holy name’s sake, and have mercy on me.

 William Byrd: Tristitia et anxietas

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